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Very welcome to the site of the fashion
doll Susy, with photoart, news and hist-
ory about the doll.

Susy is a high quality fashiondoll with
undeserved lack of fame. She has no
fancy collector models like her famous
doll sister Barbie, in spite of this she is
figuring in many doll collections.

Merry X-mas Susy and Lucia Susy are
among the most well known models.

The modern Susy doll made her entran-
ce to Sweden in 1993.

Manufacturer is Creation & Distribution
Ltd in Hong Kong. Susy has a pronoun-
ced european profile. With her closed
mouth smile and most of time lack of
make up, she resemble to the brittish
Sindy doll.

Besides that there is no compare to Sin-
dy. Susy has a history of her own. In the
end of the eighties she became a moth-
er, of course with a fitting wardrobe.

After that she has often appeared with
her baby, Love and Care and Susy and
Baby just to mention a couple.

Today Susy is a young woman in her
mid twentieth without any kids. Susys
previous daughter now appeares in a
serie of her own, called Baby World.

Susys fashion is her weakness, but im-
provements are in sight. Dancing Susy
and Party Susy are the proof of this. A
doll made solely for collectors is also

to wish for.

With the latest Susy models she has
obtained a refreshed spring fashion. The
design is elegant and discreet combined
to Susys new hair do the model is a hit.

The style of the latest Susy feels right in
time and well planned. Compliments to
her design team.

Don´t hesitate to take a look at Susy´s ID
Guide, there you among other can find
Susy & Baby strolling trough the park on
a beautiful spring day.

Another example on trendsetting is Dan-
cing Susy. Her arms was previous bent
in a 90 degree angle.

They have now been straightend out,
this makes it easier for children to dress
the doll. Dancing Susy is also an examp-
le of her improvement.

In spite the choice of pink colouring to
the dress it´s not bright enough to create
a disturbance and that is a benefit.

With Vacation Susy our friend is on holi-
day, personally I think this is one of the
better dolls although designed on the ve-
ry common traveling theme.

In spite this in mind we want to finish
with this fresh looking model.

Besides the high quality of the doll there
is also worth mentioning thwt she sells
for a very modest price.

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Bella Susy
Dancing Susy
Susy & Baby


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