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  Vivid 2003 Air 2000 Sindy

Art. Nr Unknown Rare
Contents: Skirt, uniform-jacket, belt, scarf, shirt, black shoes and suit-case.
  Vivid 2003 Brittish Airways

Art. Nr 26055
Contents: Skirt, uniform-jacket, scarf, shirt, black shoes and hat.
  Vivid 2003 Virgin Atlantic

Art. Nr 26835
Contents: Skirt, uniform-jacket, belt, scarf, shirt, black shoes, bikini and suit-case.
  Vivid 2003 Fairy Princess

Art. Nr 26665
Contents: Gown, tiara, shoes, earrings, fairywings and big earrings.
  Vivid 2003 Sleepover Fun Sindy

Art. Nr 26060
Contents: Shirt, shorts, teddybear, tooth-paste and tooth-brush.
  Vivid 2003 Beach Party Sindy

Art. Nr 26645
Contents: Bikini, sarong, bag, hairdecoration and sunglasses.
  Vivid 2003 Friends Family Sindy

Art. Nr 26046
Contents: 4 dolls, baby clothes, Patti skirt, Rosie babyskirt, Sindy jeans, top, cardigan, Robbie jeans, shirt and blue boots.
  Vivid 2003 Summertime Fun

Art. Nr Unknown
Contents: Bikini, bucket, spade and Sindy Magazine.
  Vivid 2003 Style & Trend Sindy

Art. Nr 26051
Contents: Top, trousers, CD-player, belt, red shoes, cellphone, piece of jewellery, skateboard, suitcase with shoes and clothes and comb.
  Vivid 2003 Cool Sindy

Art. Nr Unknown
Contents: Dress, pink shoes and necklace.


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